Fred Morton, APP, CTMP, CTF

Is It Time to “think out of the box”...

...and take charge of your own healing?

Fred Morton,  APP, CTMP, CTF

We have the ability to heal ourselves of any issue that arises.

Fred Morton

can assist you by bringing you into vibrational balance and then teaching you how to maintain it.

What Clients Say About Fred:

“For the first time in the many, many years that I have been diagnosed with the 'dis-ease' of fibromyalgia, I feel hopeful, happy and content. I am on the road to perfect health and I now know, without a doubt, that I have the skills to make myself better. Fred is one of those rare healers who reminds us that each one of us has the ability and inner resources to heal ourselves. With me, he 'jump-started' the healing process and simultaneously gave me the tools I need to attain and maintain perfect health -- both now and in the future. It's the most empowering work I've ever come across and has far exceeded my expectations. Fred is an extraordinarily gifted healer. His deep compassion and infinite patience has taught me how to be compassionate with and forgiving of myself, factors that I now know are at the very heart of my health issues and overall well-being. In addition to my health, Fred has introduced me to spiritual principles and processes that help me to co-create wonderful possibilities in all areas of my life. Thank you, Fred. You are a gift from God and truly the most generous and humble of his servants.
Namaste! ” Jean McDonnell, Research Consultant and Business Owner

“I was referred to Fred by my rabbi one year ago for help with terrible back, neck, arm, and hand pain. My feet were swollen, and I had severe migraine headaches several times a month, as well. I was taking numerous medications, and had been diagnosed with poly-inflammatory arthritis, which is related to rheumatoid arthritis. I was 49 years old, and I could hardly sit or walk. One year later, after weekly healing sessions with Fred, I have resumed my normal daily activities. Although I was told I would never swim again, I am able to swim 40 laps. I seldom have pain or headaches, and feel great. I'm also off all medications. My friends and family are amazed, and feel that I have experienced a miracle. I thank God for my healing, and know that I was led to Fred for the wonderful help he has given me. Every time I have a session with Fred, I feel tremendously better. Fred has taught me how to heal myself and live a healthy life, through prayer and positive thoughts. Fred is an extraordinary healer who has changed my life.” Beth B., Social Worker

“After seeing how beneficial it was for my dog Puddin to experience Fred Morton's healing work, I wanted to try it. It was the best thing I could have done. I have received better results through these alternative health care methods than through traditional western medicine. I am very grateful for Fred Morton's healing work. It is a joyful journey of healing the body mind and soul of my being.” Cheryl Anderson, Des Plaines

“How can I ever thank you enough? Not only was I released from my terrible discomfort, but I was released of some strong, bitter negative energy I must have been bound to perhaps for a long time. I feel fresh light and energetic. God Bless you for your faithfulness to healing.” Maria F, Chicago